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Baseus Micromolecule Degerming Device

Chlorine Dioxide Sterilization、360° All-around Purification、For Car and Home Use、Contains Fragrance、1 Bottle Can be Used for 3 Months




    Product info

    • Brand


    • Name

      Baseus Micromolecule Degerming Device

    • Material


    • Main ingredients

      中国船舶Super absorbent resin 12g, living molecular water 80ml, nano small molecule 3%, extraction fragrance 20g

    • Capacity


    • Color

      Black, White

    • Scope of application

      All kinds of small spaces such as cars and offices

    • Instructions

      1. Tear off the protective layer of the adhesive on the hook, paste it in place and press it flat.
      2. Unscrew the solvent bottle cap, after the black rubber stopper and powder fall off, gently shake for a few times (if stuck, gently tap the bottom of the bottle).
      3. Screw the decorative shell onto the bottle and tighten.
      4. Set the product on the wall sticker.

    • Precautions

      1. To avoid gel blocking the gas channel, do not tilt when using in car.
      2. Keep out of reach of children to avoid ingestion.
      3. This product takes on a gel-like consistency after 15 minutes of use. Do not overturn before it is still in liquid state or within 15 minutes.
      4. Rinse skin with clean water immediately after coming into accidental contact with liquid in bottle.
      5. When the colloidal crystal in the bottle becomes white, it is no longer usable. Please replace the bladder accordingly.



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